Secrets Of Google Sniper 3.0 Exposed!! + 2 Advices

[Warning] Google Sniper is the updated and step-by-step affiliate marketing plan for all those beginners who want to make money by promoting different products online. You can test this program for just $1 and it offers 60-days money back guarantee as well.

affiliate marketingIf you are new to internet marketing and want to earn full time income then let me first give you two advices.

1st There is no magic button in IM and you have to work hard + smart to get things work for you (Yes, you have to work hard + smart)

2nd Quality content is the king. If you don’t have quality content in your site then it will become difficult for you to rank your site.

Keep these two advices in your mind because these are fundamental rules of IM and you can’t earn any money by breaking them.

Who Am I? Why I am giving you these advices?

For those who don’t know, I am Philip Pfeiffer from Brookfield doing IM (mainly affiliate marketing) since 2010. I make full time income from IM but I don’t consider myself as guru or expert because I consider learning as the ongoing process and I still test different methods to rank my sites.

After getting inspire from my college friend who was making money online I decided to start building sites in 2010. It was very difficult period initially because I wasted hundreds of dollars which I got from my father on IM products. There was no one who is ready to help me and I keep on wasting money on quick rich schemes.

After wasting hundreds of dollars I finally invest in Google Sniper and made my first commission from selling Clickbank product in weight loss niche. The feeling I got after earning my first real income was truly unexplainable in words. This gave me confidence and now I am earning full time income online (can’t share exact figure SORRY).

Although Google Sniper (GSniper 3.0) worked for me but there are many people who don’t get success from it because of different reasons. [Update: Now you can test this program for just $1]

Although I earn commission if you purchase Google Sniper from any of the link present in this website but still I feel it is my duty to tell you everything about this program either it is good or bad. You can also message me any time and I will help you.

In this review, I promise I will not going to use any marketing phrase instead I tell you everything that I know about this program to help you in making decision if it will work for you or not. In case if you want to ask anything then feel free to contact me using the contact form.

Let’s start…

What is Google Sniper 3.0 (GSniper 3.0)?

Google Sniper 3Google Sniper is not a new program instead it was first launched in 2009 when ranking sites was pretty easier and even sites with bad content can easily rank on page 1.

But, after Google Penguin and Panda updates a whole SEO has changed and it becomes difficult to rank new sites. But thankfully, Google Sniper is not dead and George Brown updated his program to Google Sniper 3.0 (aka GSniper 3.0) which show all latest tips and tricks to rank any new or old site.

The main concept of GSniper3 is to build small niche ‘sniper’ sites and rank them top of page 1 in Google. Although this concept remain same in all three versions but the way to rank sites is changed in the latest version of Google Sniper that is 3.0.

If you follow the ranking guidelines of GSniper 3.0 then you don’t have to worry about Google Penguin and Panda updates.

Since Google start valuing authority sites more than small niche sites that is why there is ‘Bulletproof’ module in GSniper 3.0 that will show you how to convert any small niche site into big authority site.

George Brown has created short-video in which he describes features of this program. Watch the video below to find more features:


How Much I Can Earn From GSniper 3.0?

I don’t want to make any claims but I can ensure you that if you follow GSniper 3.0 guidelines then you can make good money. As a beginner in IM you have to work hard and smart to get results. Always keep yourself updated with latest Google changes and work accordingly.

Keep in mind there are many people who are making 5 figures online by working just 5 hours a day but they reach this place after struggling and hard work. If you are ready to work hard and smart (there is no shortcut) then you can take help from George Brown’s Google Sniper 3.0 otherwise no one can help you.

Who is George Brown? And Is He Reliable?

George BrownGeorge Montage Brown (shortened to George Brown) is the young author, investor and entrepreneur. In his early age he created GDMB Enterprises where he works with his team to create different e-courses that helped more than 100,000 people worldwide.

Although George Brown born in UK but he likes to travel new countries and meet with new people to learn about their culture. At the age of 18, he created and launched first version of Google Sniper which quickly become very popular in short amount of time.

Later his bank account and success multiplied as he released different e-courses and seminars that changed the life of numerous people and they start considering him as Internet Marketing guru.

Testing different ways to rank sites is the passion of George Brown and he puts all his case studies in a Gsniper addon called ‘Case Study Update’.

How Does Google Sniper 3.0 Work?

To put in simple words, George Brown’s GSniper 3.0 works on three step formula:

Step #1 – Picking Right Clickbank Product: For those who don’t know Clickbank is the biggest digital marketplace where there are 1000s of digital products to promote. But not every product is good enough to make you money. So, George Brown will show you how to carefully research on the niche and pick right product from Clickbank Marketplace.

Step #2 – Picking Profitable Keywords: Keywords researching is the most important part of making money online. Without right profitable keywords you can earn good money. Some keywords can bring huge traffic in your site but they are not profitable. So with the help of George’s guidelines you will able to pick keywords that are easy to rank and brings money as well.

Step #3 – Optimizing Your Site: It is very important for a site to look fresh very time visitor visit your website. In this step George will tell you how to observe traffic flow in your site and when you should start making necessary changes to improve your money making abilities.


When I Will Start Making Money With Google Sniper 3.0?

It is totally depends on you and your experience. From my personal experience I can say it takes 3 to 6 months to rank any site. So you have to give around 3 to 6 months to your site and make sure you update your site once in two week. Once your site gets rank in top 3 on page 1 you will start getting traffic in your site and you can use ‘optimizing site’ module to convert sites visitors into sale.

Strong Points:

Easy To Apply – GSniper 3.0 provides detailed steps that any user regardless of his experience can apply it without much trouble. (In case, if you get any trouble then send an email to me and I get back to you as soon as possible)

Complete Information – This affiliate marketing program contains each and every thing that you need to know about Affiliate Marketing and SEO. All you have to do is to follow it.

Autopilot Money – Once you ranked your site on top of page 1 in Google then your site will generate money while you are sleeping or playing online games with your friends

Reasonable Price – I personally feel there is $1000 worth of information available inside George Brown’s Affiliate Marketing program but he charges only $47.

60-Days Money Back Guarantee – You may be questioning why there is ONLY 60-days money back guarantee while sites can take around 3-6 months to rank? This is because George Brown wants you to test this program for 2 months and if you don’t see any raise in your site ranking then you can ask for refund. Isn’t this comfortable for you to test this program with no fear of losing money?

Trial Version – If you want to test the quality of this program then you will happy to know George Brown’s Affiliate Marketing program contains $1 trial for 5 days. After 5 days you will be charged $47.

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Weak Points:

Lazy People Will Get Disappoint – Let me tell you in simple words, IM is not for lazy people let alone this program. All lazy rich schemes are scam and nothing else. If you are lazy and fear of failing then sorry, Google Sniper is not for you.

Need Hard Work – Although many people suggest to work smartly in Internet Marketing but, I personally feel one has to work hard and smart to get results.

Are There Any Google Sniper Complaints?

As with any other affiliate program, GSniper3 also received some complaints from its users.

Some people believe that George Brown’s program focus on building one pager website which contains very little content and it is difficult to rank on page 1. (Update: GSniper 3.0 George Brown includes ‘Bulletproof Module’ that will convert one-pager website into authority site that Google likes)

Additionally, some people believe that George’s program is expensive ($47) and contain no additional tools expect video training. If you have no experience with domain and hosting then you have to watch full video to sort out your problem. (Note: I have few years of experience in affiliate marketing so you can ask me anything I am glad to help you)

Does Google Sniper 3 Work in 2016?

2016 SEOAll I can say is YES it does work in 2016.

I joined this program in 2010 and I still earning money from the techniques and teachings I learned in this program. The problem is internet is full of tips and techniques about SEO that are simply useless or doesn’t work anymore.

Since SEO has changed a lot in recent years that’s why it is necessary to keep yourself updated with latest happening in SEO world. Now these days, it become very important to keep testing to find what Google loves but I know it is really difficult for beginners to keep testing as it takes time and money. This is why you should give a try to GSniper3.0

For me George Brown is ‘SEO Scientist’ because he loves testing and always updates his students about latest happening in SEO. This is the reason I say YES GSniper works in 2016 as well.

Final Verdict – Is it For You or Not?

Overall, GSniper 3.0 is complete Affiliate Marketing program. Hours of video training, complete SEO guide, monthly seminars, new ‘Bulletproof’ module, 1 on 1 training and progress map are enough to take anyone from beginner level to full time money making affiliate.

In the end of this Google Sniper review, I personally feel I have revealed everything that I know about this program. If you still have some questions then feel free to send them using contact page.

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